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Commercial Rain Gutters

Because commercial buildings are often larger than residential ones, they need special gutters.

Basic Types of Commercial Gutters

Commercial gutters differ from residential gutters. The gutter materials may have similarities, but the style, sizes and durability are usually different. Commercial office buildings usually require different building code standards as regulated by the county. These code requirements often involve the size and material of the gutter to be used and may place restrictions on where the run-off rain water can be directed in order to reduce flooding to nearby structures or sewer systems.

Gutter Shape

Gutters come in several different shapes. Box shape gutters are often used for commercial building installations. The box shape allows a higher volume of water to be disbursed quickly compared to other shapes. Box gutters can be more likely to collect leaves, however most commercial building don’t have large trees overhead to create this issue. If they do, then gutter guards can be installed to keep out most debris.

Gutter Size

Gutters come is several sizes, the most common are 6 inch and 8 inch widths. The 6 inch size is usually used in residential installations. Because commercial buildings are normally larger, with a bigger roof area, the additional water run-off requires a larger 8 inch size gutter. Smaller commercial building may be able to use a smaller gutter size; however the water run-off volume needs to be considered as well as building codes. The size of the downspout is also a factor to consider. Smaller gutters usually use 3” x 4” downspouts; with the larger 8 inch gutters we use 4” x 5” downspouts.

Commercial Gutter Materials

24 gauge galvanized steel or heavy aluminum provides the highest quality and durability. Steel offers exceptional strength and durability for commercial building applications. Steel gutters are heavy and must be installed properly by a professional. Commercial aluminum gutters are also available in different gauges and thicknesses. Aluminum commercial gutters are lighter and will not rust. Both steel and aluminum commercial gutters can come with protective coatings added by the manufacturer to provide color and reduce corrosion. Stainless steel is also an option available from RainDancer. We can offer a 4” x 5” stainless steel conductor head for maximum durability. Because we are a custom rain gutter installer, you will have a wider selection of materials available from us. Anything is possible!

When you work with RainDancer Gutter, LLC, you will rest assured that we will calculate the requirements for your building size as well as adhere to the building code regulations that apply for your area. You will also benefit from our many years of experience with commercial gutter installation.

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